Visitor Management System

Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management System

Digital or Electronic Visitor Management/Tracking Software has become a common norm and an essential function for schools, colleges, offices, hospitals, factories, industries, gated communities, residential apartments & societies, and at almost everywhere people live, work or visit. Today, having a robust Visitor Management System is important to create a workplace environment where all employees feel safe. This certainly has a direct impact on overall productivity and success.

Employees and every other member of the organization should feel comfortable knowing that every visitor or guest who has arrived at a worksite or facility, has been processed through a reliable system. Thus, Visitor Management System performs a valuable task of tracking who is there on the premises. It thus gives the organization maximum control over the guests.

A cloud-based visitor management Software helps to manage all processes associated with visitors from their check-ins to departure.

Discover Our VMS System’s Amazing Features

The Software Takes Visitors’ Photos And Records Their Data.

It Manages And Monitors All Movements Of The Visitors.

Different Types Of Reports Can Be Generated Using This Software System To Pave The Way For Improvement.

The Software Can Be Configured With Existing Mail System So That The Right Person Receives Emails Once A Visitor Arrives.

The Software Can Be Used By Multiple Users.

The Software Facilitates Daily, Weekly And Monthly Pass System.

All The Vehicles That Enter Or Leave The Premises Can Be Monitored Accurately. This Software Can Be Operated From Multiple Locations Of The Organization

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